My name is Daniel Hunter, I am a Financial Security Advisor who works as an independent representative. I specialize with people, and, their businesses. I believe that it is crucial to offer, and, ensure the highest level of customer service in an area as important, and, complex as finances.


To remain impartial of product choice for my clients; I am a independent representative, and, a 100% independent broker in insurance and investments.


I am committed to providing our customers with the tools necessary to effectively manage their financial situation. As many of my clients refer to it, I work closely with a network of partners that enable us to bridge your individual and business needs.


 Business travel & Vacations*





Financial planning*

Employee benefits*


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* Daniel Hunter is not a tax advisor, financial planner, or, license holder for the distribution of employee benefits products such as group insurance, or, pension plans. Daniel Hunter does not sell funeral arrangements, travel insurance or mortgage loans. Daniel Hunter refers his clients to partners, who are responsible for issuing these products.